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It has been my privilege to serve as Member of Parliament for Suffolk Coastal since 2010 and I'm delighted to have been re-elected in June 2017.

18 OCT 2017

Ambulance Service Improving Despite Increased Handover Delays

East of England MPs had the opportunity to discuss ambulance performance today at a meeting organised by Therese. The Chief Executive, Rob Morton, Chairman, Sarah Boulton and Director of Service Delivery, Kevin Brown came to Parliament to update members on the Turnaround Plan to improve ambulance response times. Dr Coffey said: "This was the first update since the General Election - so it was good to get an insight into the progress made against the turnaround plan. I'm pleased to see the service is continuing to make progress in responding to emergency calls more quickly, with their Red 1 performance up by almost 15% and Red 2 up by 9%...

10 OCT 2017

Therese Visits Eyke Farm to discuss Agricultural Issues

Thank you to the NFU for organising a visit to Church Farm in Eyke recently. Therese met the Fleming family who run a mixture of dairy, livestock and arable farms, as well as other local farmers. Therese said: "It was good to chat about agricultural policy, water abstraction and, of course, Brexit - as well as the farmer-led Environmental Scheme which brings together farms along the coast to promote good stewardship of our countryside. Perhaps the highlight was seeing the calving, which required some help along the way. We have a precious countryside enriched by the farmers that help feed the nation and cherish our environment."

04 OCT 2017

Theresa May's Speech to the Conservative Party Conference

At the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this afternoon, the Prime Minister set out what the Government is doing to build a country that works for everyone. She was clear that we will continue to take a balanced approach to the economy, dealing with our debts whilst also investing in public services – making our country a fairer place to live and work. Therese said: "We will increase the affordable housing budget by £2bn to more than £9bn – allowing more homes to be built for social rent; put a price cap on energy bills by publishing a draft Bill in Parliament next week and on top of freezing maximum tuition fee rates the...

29 SEP 2017

Therese Follows up on Woods Lane Road Closure

Therese shares the frustration of many local residents regarding the closure of Woods Lane in November and from January to mid-April. Therese said: "The road closure has been applied for by Bloor Homes specifically to connect the new housing estate to the water and sewerage network which runs under Woods Lane and to make transport improvements as required by planning consent. There is the opportunity to use this time to install all utilities to the development and I have alerted BT Openreach. I have expressed my concerns to Suffolk County Council and Bloor Homes directly, posing several questions on behalf of constituents. The highways...

29 SEP 2017

Therese Marks Rail Safety Week with Message on Halesworth Crossing

Therese is marking Rail Safety Week with a message to users of Halesworth crossing that everyone needs to use the crossing safely or it will be closed. Network Rail's planned closure of the barrow crossing at Halesworth was put on hold last year thanks to the vigorous campaign and the strength of feeling among local residents. Instead of closing the crossing, Network Rail installed gates with additional safety warnings giving instructions to wait until a train has cleared the platform before crossing. However, people continue to misuse the crossing with recent Network Rail figures showing that the crossing was misused on 278 occasions...

28 SEP 2017

Funding Formula Increase for Suffolk Schools

Following the announcement by the Education Secretary that every school in Suffolk will see an increase in their per pupilfunding, the indicative funding rise for each school has been published. This includes rises varying from 0.5% to over 18% locally. Indicative as the council decides the final allocation with the advice of the schools forum. Therese said: "This big change in the new national funding formula, which I pressed for, ensures that every school has a higher basic percentage of funding for every child. Suffolk has traditionally suffered because we have very high employment rates and have far fewer children than the national...

22 SEP 2017

Therese Welcomes Rule Change to Protect People from Nuisance Calls

Therese has today welcomed the statement from Communications regulator Ofcom that from October 2018 there will be a ban onall phone companies charging for caller display facilities, which will help more people screen nuisance calls. Therese said: "This is great news. I have received many communications from constituents whose lives are blighted by these types of calls – often dialled automatically by a computer. The new rules will help prevent this, confirming that phone numbers displayed to people receiving calls must be valid, dialable and identify the caller. The regulator are also requiring companies to identify and block calls with...

20 SEP 2017

Aviva Launch Community Fund

Aviva have launched a Community Fund, awarding up to £25,000 for local community projects. Applications can be made until 12 noon on 10th October – which will be followed by a public vote. Winners will announced in January 2018. It would be great to see some applications from community groups in Suffolk Coastal.

15 SEP 2017

EU Withdrawal Bill Passes to the Next Stage

Parliament has taken another step in the journey of leaving the EU with the European Union Withdrawal Bill passing to the next stage to receive full scrutiny. The legislation is designed to transfer all EU law into UK law – ensuring a smooth transition with legal certainty for businesses, consumers and investors. Much EU law is already incorporated. These are the laws that stem from what is called an EU directive, which we tailor according to our legal system. Some of this may need to be tweaked as, for example, we will no longer have a European regulator for something but will have a UK or England only regulator and we need to change...

07 SEP 2017

Suffolk Energy Gateway Consultation to Open Next Week

An important consultation opens next week regarding the Suffolk Energy Gateway, the new road to by-pass four villages alongthe A12. Therese said: "The proposed improvement to the A12 between Wickham Market and Saxmundham will help mitigate the impact of the construction of Sizewell C and is designed to open up the entire energy coast for further economic growth and development. It is very important that local residents, business and community groups give their views in the consultation which will help Suffolk County Council in its proposal to Government by the end of this year." Two public exhibitions have been organised to give local...


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