18 JAN 2018

Banning Payment Charges

The Government have this week banned extra charges for paying with a credit or debit card or any sort of payments like Paypaland Apple Pay in a move that will help millions of people avoid unexpected fees when spending their hard-earned money.

Therese said: "It is important you know your rights and if someone tries to charge, inform Trading Standards (http://www.nationaltradingstandards.uk/) who will have the power to take civil enforcement action against traders who breach the regulations."

"The Government decided that the EU proposal to just ban charges when paying by VISA & Mastercard wasn't enough, so have included other payment methods such as Paypal in the ban to further protect consumers."

17 JAN 2018

New Steps to Tackle Illegal Waste and Flytipping

As Environment Minister, Therese has this week announced new powers for the Environment Agency to crack-down on illegalwaste sites and further action to prevent fly-tipping carried out by waste criminals.

Therese said: "Under our plans the Environment Agency will be able to lock the gates or block access to problem waste sites to prevent thousands of tonnes of waste illegally building up. The powers will also enable the EA to force operators to clear all the waste at a problem waste site, not just the illegal waste."

"We have also launched a consultation on new proposals to tackle waste crime by requiring operators to register even low-risk waste operations to put a stop to criminals hiding their illegal activity. The consultation proposes improving awareness amongst householders, so people can check on the EA website to see if the recipient of their waste is licensed to take their waste."

"It also proposes providing local authorities with the option of fining those whose waste ends up fly-tipped or illegally dumped rather than having to pursue them through the courts."

11 JAN 2018

Therese Welcomes 25 Year Environment Plan

The Prime Minister today formally launched the Government's 25 Year Environment Plan – which outlines steps for a cleaner,greener Britain – with avoidable plastic waste eliminated by the end of 2042.

In her capacity as Environment Minister, Therese has been instrumental in developing the plan – which will extend the hugely successful 5p carrier bag charge to all retailers in England; encourage supermarkets to introduce plastic-free aisles to give consumers the choice to make greener decisions; and promote the use of less damaging plastic packaging.

Therese said: "I'm delighted that the Prime Minister has unveiled our 25 Year Environment Plan – which sets out the Government's determination to leave our environment in a better state than we found it and I congratulate her on showing the global leadership which is needed to tackle this important issue."

"Waste is choking our oceans and despoiling our landscapes as well as contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and scarring habitats. Which is why our plan outlines proposals to reduce our use of the plastics which contribute to pollution and also broader steps to encourage recycling and the more thoughtful use of resources."

Therese added: "I'm grateful to the Prime Minister for reappointing me as Environment Minister earlier this week, which will enable me to press on and help implement the plan. Improving the environment will take individual and collective action and our plan will guide each and all of us."

The plan will also inject new funding into plastics innovation through a bid into the government's £7 billion research and development pot; encourage industry to take more responsibility for the environmental impacts of their products; and government will also look at how the tax system or charges could further reduce the amount of waste we create. A call for evidence on how to reduce the use of single-use plastics will begin next month.

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