19 JUL 2017

Therese Backs Extra Money for Suffolk Schools

The Education Secretary made an important announcement in the House of Commons earlier this week committing an additional £1.3bn for core school funding to support the transition to a national funding formula.

Therese said: "This is great news for our schools here in Suffolk which will mean an increase in the basic amount that every pupil will get, protected funding for those with high needs and will ensure that the County Council is in a position to give all schools a cash increase through the new formula."

"Crucially, this additional investment in our schools will be funded in full from efficiencies and savings from within the Education Department's existing budget, rather than higher taxes or more debt. This of course requires difficult decisions, but it is right to prioritise core schools funding as we continue the vital task of repairing the public finances."

22 JUN 2017

Therese Welcomes the Queen's Speech

The Queen was in Parliament yesterday, as she read out the Government legislative agenda for the forthcoming Parliamentarysession.

The Queen's Speech focussed on the need to get Brexit right, delivering the result of last year's referendum. It included a Great Repeal Bill to provide as much legal certainty as possible for businesses and individuals; an Immigration Bill that will give us control of the number of people coming here from Europe while allowing us to continue to attract the brightest and the best; a new Trade B and Customs Bill which will enable the UK to conduct its own independent trade policy; a Fisheries Bill to enable us to control access to our territorial waters and an Agriculture Bill which will provide stability to farmers, essential for our industries here in Suffolk Coastal.

The speech also set out measures to make sure that the National Living Wage is increased and included a crackdown on unfair practices in the energy and telecoms market. It also reiterated our approach to continue to bring down the deficit.

The Government will also continue to build a world-class education system by ensuring every child has the opportunity to attend a good school and that all schools are fairly funded; work towards a new Mental Health Act, giving greater rights for those experiencing mental health problems; and - importantly work to address the challenges of social care for our ageing population, bringing forward proposals for consultation to build widespread support.

The Government has committed to meet the 2 per cent NATO defence spending commitment to keep the UK safe but as we have sadly seen with the recent attacks, the country faces an unprecedented threat from terrorism. In light of that our counter-terrorism strategy will also be reviewed to make sure the police and security services have all the powers they need to protect our country.

For a full list of measures set out in the Queen's Speech, please see here - https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/queens-speech-2017

21 JUN 2017

Therese Celebrates Suffolk Day

Pausing briefly from the pomp and ceremony of the annual State Opening of Parliament, Suffolk's MPs came together today to celebrate the first ever Suffolk Day.

Therese said: "I was delighted to join my fellow county MPs to help create a small piece of Suffolk in Westminster today, as we came together to celebrate the first ever Suffolk Day.

The event which has been spearheaded by BBC Radio Suffolk presenter, Mark Murphy and supported by our local newspapers comes from the successful Yorkshire Day, which takes place on the 1st August every year. As Mark says, being the sunrise county on the east coast, it is fitting that our now annual Suffolk Day will take place on the longest day of the year, June 21st.

Suffolk Day aims to recognise and celebrate all that is great about Suffolk - and my goodness do we have a lot to shout about. With the success of our local economy based on tourism, I hope that Suffolk Day will develop as a useful fillip for our businesses and a fun-filled day for local residents."

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