11 JAN 2018

Therese Follows up on Bad Odours Causing Problems in Southwold

Therese has followed up with the Group Director of Anglian Water, Mark Pendlington, following continued reports of bad odoursaffecting Southwold.

Therese said: "Constituents have shared their concerns with me about the continued odour in Southwold that seems to be coming from Anglian Water property. It is not pleasant for residents or visitors and for a town that thrives on its tourist economy, it is important Anglian Water get a grip on the problem."

Therese added: "Anglian Water have carried out an assessment of their Water Recycling Centre but found nothing untoward which would cause increased odours. However, they believe that the odours could be as a result of septicity in the sewer network – and an odour survey of the sewer network is currently being undertaken. They have promised to share their findings with me and if it is the case that the sewer network is causing the problem – they are committed to carrying out remedial works."

In the meantime, Anglian Water have set up a dedicated mailbox for members of the public: southwold@anglianwater.co.uk. They are asking residents to note a time, location and description of any odours they experience. You can also do this by calling the 24 hour customer call number – 03457 145 145. This will help inform their response and ways in which they can mitigate the problem.

05 JAN 2018

Bloor Agree Extension to Working Hours to Shorten Woods Lane Closure

Ahead of the phase 2 closure of Woods Lane due to start on Monday, Bloor Homes have committed to extended working hours,which should help reduce the length of the closure.

Following a public consultation Bloor have agreed to extend their working hours to 730am – 8pm Monday – Friday and 730am – 4pm on Saturday and Sunday from the normal working hours of the Phase 1 closure. The response to the consultation did not support 24-hour working due to the impact on residents in the immediate vicinity.

Therese said: "I'm pleased Bloor have listened to our concerns and although I recognise any closure will be incredibly frustrating for local residents, I'm confident from this extension in hours that the works will be completed more quickly."

04 JAN 2018

Therese Presses Banks to Keep Last Branch Open

Following the disappointing decision by Lloyds to close their bank branches in Halesworth and Southwold Therese has written to the Chief Operating Officers of the last banks standing in other towns in her constituency to seek reassurance that there will be a long term commitment to keep them open.

Therese is seeking reassurance from Barclays Bank that they remain committed to Aldeburgh, Halesworth and Southwold and that HSBC are committed to continuing to operate a branch in Saxmundham – all of which are the last bank standing in these market towns.

Therese said: "The disappointing decision by Lloyds to close branches in Suffolk Coastal has led to heightened anxiety in other towns in my constituency. Following my petition several years ago Barclays gave me assurances that they had no intention of closing any of their branches in Suffolk Coastal. Despite this their Saxmundham branch closed last year so it is important we get some long term commitment. I have already heard back from HSBC, who assure me that after their closure of 62 branches nationwide last year, they currently have no plans to close any additional branches."

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