30 OCT 2017

Coastal Scene Column - 27th October 2017

"I share the frustration of many local residents regarding the closure of Woods Lane in Melton in November and from January to mid-April next year. I appreciate the disruption will be significant and I have been working with local councillors and Suffolk County Council on addressing this.

Housing developer Bloor Homes have applied for the road closure after they bought the site from Christchurch Land & Estates Ltd, who obtained the planning permission. The closure is to connect the new housing development to the water and sewerage network which runs under the centre of Woods Lane and to make transport improvements as required by the planning consent.

I have expressed my concerns to Suffolk County Council and Bloor Homes directly, posing several questions on behalf of constituents. I questioned whether a one-way or traffic light system could be applied. For both phases of construction, it does not allow enough space for vehicles to safely pass but of course, access will be granted for those residents and businesses which only have entrances on Woods Lane to be accommodated. Bloor have also agreed to allow access to emergency vehicles both during the day when workmen are on site and at night.

I questioned Suffolk County Council on the length of the closure but they assure me this is a reasonable time to complete such substantial works. I still have not got to the bottom of exactly the basis of the agreement but I now understand that the county council has agreed with Bloor Homes that they make it a seven day a week operation with an extended working day of at least ten hours. I am liaising with the County Council on how this will be monitored.

I have also asked the County about reprogramming the lights at the crossroads of the A1152 and Melton Road to help traffic coming from the diverted Woodbridge route. I've been assured that the intelligent traffic control system should be able to adapt to the changing patterns. However, a County Council engineer will attend the site for the first day to ensure this is working.

There is also the opportunity to use this time to install all utilities to the development and I have already alerted BT Openreach.

I know this is frustrating for local residents and I will continue to work on this issue on behalf of constituents to ensure the significant disruption is mitigated as much as is possible."

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