17 APR 2017

Coastal Scene Column - 14th April 2017

"Following the Chancellor's Budget announcement to provide a £300 million fund to help businesses hit hardest during the recent business rate revaluation, the Government has been consulting on how that fund will be administered. Provisionally, Waveney District Council has been allocated £417,000 in the first year and Suffolk Coastal District Council has been allocated £406,000. I am encouraging the councils to focus on the small, independent businesses affected the most in receiving the support they need.

As Parliament is now in recess, I am enjoying spending much more time in Suffolk this Easter appreciating our beautiful coastline. Unfortunately, our picturesque part of the country is often blighted by fly-tippers and litter louts, which is why the Department of the Environment has just launched a new Litter Strategy. The strategy sets out our plans to help tackle to anti-social behaviour, making the Suffolk coast an even more attractive place. It includes measures to fine people who drop litter up to £150, a better provision of public bins and using offenders on community sentences to help clear up fly-tipped waste. As Environment Minister I want to leave our environment in a better state than we found it and tackling litter is an important part of that.

It's competition time with two opportunities for local communities to bid for funds - natural flood management and any project in off gas grid areas. My Department Defra has launched a ground-breaking competition which enables flood defence projects to apply for a share of £1 million to help protect homes and businesses. The competition is open to innovative schemes that plan to use landscape features such as ponds, banks, meanders, channels, and trees to store, drain or slow flood water. For more information and to apply see - www.catchmentbasedapproach.org/resources/tools-and-casestudies/deliver/nfm

Calor Gas have also launched a Rural Community Fund offering up to £5,000 for projects that will provide an on-going service for local communities that are off the mains gas grid. Go to www.calor.co.uk/communityfund to register your project.

Good news for those on the move as mobile phone operator EE has confirmed that they have completed various 4G upgrades throughout Suffolk Coastal including in Pettistree, Trimley St Martin, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh, Woodbridge and Halesworth. Mobile phone signal has been raised a lot less frequently with me in recent years as our communications infrastructure improves but there is still more to do to eradicate our not-spots."

04 APR 2017

Coastal Scene Column - 31st March 2017

"It has been a momentous week in Westminster as the Prime Minister triggered Article 50, the formal notification that the United Kingdom is leaving the EU. This begins the negotiation process that will lead us toward a new partnership with Europe.

Whilst the referendum last June was a vote to leave the EU, it was not a vote to leave Europe – we want to continue to be reliable partners and close friends with our neighbours. So in that spirit, we are not seeking partial membership of the EU, associate membership, or anything that leaves us half-in, half-out. The Prime Minister will seek a new and equal partnership between an independent, self-governing, Global Britain and our friends in the EU. It remains firmly in Britain's national interest that the EU should succeed after we have left.

Part of the process is to pass the Great Repeal Bill in Parliament, which the Government is preparing. The Great Repeal Bill will repeal the European Communities Act, meaning that EU law will no longer have supremacy over UK law. The Bill will also transpose all EU legislation in domestic UK law so the British Parliament will decide whether we keep, amend or repeal them as necessary.

Whilst the process of leaving the EU will inevitably mean some tough decisions the Government has a Plan for Britain which will deliver a stronger, fairer more united country. Throughout Brexit and beyond the Prime Minister has pledged that we will help people with everyday costs and bills by acting to ensure consumer markets work as they should whilst cracking down on individuals and businesses who abuse the system. She has also committed to delivering a modern industrial strategy that spreads jobs and prosperity across the country – good news for us in Suffolk.

Finally, a few words about the terrorist attack in Westminster last week. This was an attack on our democracy, which failed with a tragic loss of life. We will never give in to terrorism and our democratic institutions will never be defeated. It was business as usual the following day as MPs went about their work."

20 MAR 2017

Coastal Scene Column - 17th March 2017

"It has been a busy couple of weeks in Parliament. The Brexit Bill received Royal Assent, which gave the Prime Minister the authority to notify the EU that the UK is leaving, by triggering Article 50. MPs voted to pass the Bill without amendment to enable the Prime Minister to get on with the job of negotiating our future relationship with the EU. Last week, the Chancellor delivered his first Budget which redoubled our commitment to a strong economy, laying the foundations of a stronger, fairer, more highly-skilled global Britain outside of the EU. Key measures included a rise in the personal allowance for the seventh year in a row meaning you don't have to pay tax on the first £11,500 you earn; an additional £2 billion to help fund social care; a boost for technical education with the introduction of T Levels; and a further freeze in fuel duty meaning that motorists save £130 a year on average compared to what they would have paid under the pre-2010 escalator. Locally, I was delighted to see measures to help our small businesses with the introduction of a £300m business rate relief fund, a £600 cap on business rate liability for those businesses previously benefitting from Small Business Rate Relief and a £1,000 discount for pubs.

I was pleased to address the Suffolk Coast Against Retreat (SCAR) AGM recently. The January storm surge demonstrated just how prepared we are along the Suffolk coast, thanks in a large part to the local flood action groups. SCAR's concerns about the lack of information from EDF on the proposed jetty mirrored my response to the Stage 2 proposals. It is essential EDF provide information on whether the jetty will impact coastal defences and if it does, how they will mitigate that.

Finally, I was delighted to welcome the Walberswick branch of the Women's Institute to Parliament, on Budget Day, last week. They enjoyed a tour of the Palace of Westminster and were able to watch the proceedings in the House of Commons from the public gallery. If you would like to visit Parliament for a tour then contact me via therese.coffey.mp@parliament.uk"

08 MAR 2017

Coastal Scene Column - 3rd March 2017

"This Wednesday is Budget day where the Chancellor will deliver his financial statement to a packed House of Commons. Before that though, I was grateful to him for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet me and a small delegation of MPs I put together to discuss business rates. Under the revaluation, three quarters of businesses nationally will either see rates fall or stay the same, however the average rise in rateable value in Aldeburgh High Street is 77% and further up the coast in Southwold High Street they are due to rise by an extraordinary 177%.

I pressed the case on behalf of our local small businesses and put across that both Aldeburgh and Southwold have a large presence of independent traders, which have made them stand out as different to the chain-only high streets. I asked him to consider the role of the mixed high street with tailored support. Without that, these thriving high streets could be much more limited in their offering to residents and tourists. The Chancellor is now very aware of the particular issue in Aldeburgh and Southwold and is considering my representation. I am pleased, as the Prime Minister highlighted in Prime Minister's Questions, that the case for helping small independent traders facing very high increases is being carefully considered.

Today (Friday), I am chairing the Suffolk Coastal Energy Delivery Board consisting of representatives from Government Departments, SCDC, Suffolk County Council and businesses including EDF and Scottish Power. The board has been put together to maximise the economic benefits to our local area from big energy projects such as Sizewell C and offshore wind with a focus on infrastructure improvements and skills.

Finally, this weekend is the Great British Spring Clean which follows on from the success of last years' Clean for the Queen. As an Environment Minister my message is not to drop litter in the first place but these big community cleans are a great way of bringing people together to tidy up our towns. Good luck to everyone who is taking part in a clean this weekend."

23 FEB 2017

Coastal Scene Column - 17th February 2017

"The House of Commons approved the Brexit Bill, which gives the Prime Minister the authority to notify the EU that the UK is leaving, by triggering Article 50. This meant some late nights voting in the chamber but in the end it was passed, unamended, by a massive majority. I now expect the Lords to give its consent.

It was a pleasure to visit several organisations in Suffolk with my Environment Minister hat on. First stop was the EAST Suffolk Water Abstraction group, then to Slaughden to meet representatives from the District and County Council and the Manager of the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Government's centre for marine science is at Lowestoft. We will be considering designations for marine conservation zones in the next year and it was good to meet the team who help us with part of that process.

I was pleased to address the Bawdsey Coastal Partnership AGM and welcome their new chairman, Nick Crick. The Government has invested £2.4 million in emergency interventions at Bawdsey since 2010 and Bawdsey Coastal Partnership was formed as a result of the 2013 storm surge. I was pleased to hear that the partnership is continuing to work with the Environment Agency and have recently funded the Bawdsey Coastal Processes Study to inform future long-term solutions.

I replied to EDF's stage 2 consultation for Sizewell C. I have been robust in challenging EDF to do more work before the next phase of consultation, especially in relation to improvements to the road network and campus site. The biggest change which has happened in responses is that the councils have finally woken up to the disruption people living along the B1122 could face, as their energy has largely been focused on the A12 Farnham issue. However the traffic issues further down the A12 still need addressing. You can read my full consultation response on my website at theresecoffey.co.uk

Finally I attended the thanksgiving service for Jim Prior who was a distinguished MP for part of the Suffolk Coast. A packed church heard a thoughtful and humorous reflection on Jim's life from his son David, who was also an MP and is now in the Lords. Never happier than when being on the farm, it was a good reminder that service sits alongside stewardship of our shared environment."

06 FEB 2017

Coastal Scene Column - 3rd February 2017

"This week in Westminster was dominated by the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, which was given its second reading. Despite receiving a number of emails asking me to vote against the Bill I voted to enable the UK to start the process of withdrawal from the EU. I was a supporter of the referendum and as a democrat I fully accept the outcome. As soon as the Bill progresses through its remaining parliamentary stages it will give the Prime Minister the power to trigger Article 50, which she has promised to do by the end of March. Earlier this month she set out her negotiating objectives and was unequivocal that we are not seeking partial membership, associate membership, or anything that leaves us half-in or half-out. Leaving will mean just that, control over our immigration system, an end to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and ceasing our membership of the Single Market.

I was pleased to join Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore and Suffolk County Council Cabinet member responsible for Fire, Matthew Hicks for the cementing of the date stone on the new joint police and fire station in Saxmundham last week. Saxmundham follows Woodbridge in having a joint blue light station, which saves money and promotes better joint working between the emergency services. The project has been supported by a grant by the Department of Communities and Local Government.

I visited both Hollesley Bay and Warren Hill prisons last week to meet Governors, Declan Moore and Sonia Walsh. Declan is rightly proud of the Outstanding Ofsted gained by Hollesley Bay in respect to learning and skills of prisoners. Open prisons are important to help facilitate a prisoner's transition back into normal life and learning new skills is an important part of this.

Finally, today is the last day to respond to EDF's stage 2 consultation for Sizewell C. I have submitted my consultation response which outlines my concern over the proposed accommodation campus as well as the mitigation measures for the B1122, which are not good enough. You can reply online at http://sizewell.edfenergyconsultation.info"

23 JAN 2017

Coastal Scene Column - 20th January 2017

"Last Friday all eyes were on the weather as Suffolk braced itself for a tidal surge. As Floods Minister, I always have my wellies at the ready in case I need to dash off to a part of the country affected by bad weather but last weekend the risk was far closer to home with severe flood warnings issued right across the east coast. As I've said before being MP for Suffolk Coastal has given me a great apprenticeship for the role of Environment Minister, not least the floods of 2013 where some parts of my constituency were hit by a storm surge with water levels surpassing even the 1953 flood.

This time levels were lower than they were three years ago and thankfully we remained largely unscathed. We were better prepared this time with more temporary and permanent defences. In fact our coastal defences are estimated to have protected over 500,000 properties over the weekend. I visited Snape and dropped into the Plough and Sail who were prepared for the worst but thankfully the storm passed. I know there was some minor flooding further up the coast with the Harbour Inn in Southwold bearing the brunt. There was also a hugely tragic incident last Saturday morning where a gentlemen died under crumbling cliffs in Thorpeness. My sympathy goes to his family and friends.

The advance warning of the surge meant the Emergency Planning team were able to swing into action and set up the Strategic Coordinating Group, chaired by Suffolk Police – which gave me regular briefings last Friday evening. Rest centres were mobilised to cope with evacuations and a helpline was set up to help move people. I want to thank Suffolk Police, the fire service, council officers, the Environment Agency and flood groups who all helped residents and businesses at risk of flooding.

I'm grateful to Theberton and Eastbridge Parish Council for organising a public meeting to discuss the second stage of public consultation on Sizewell C. Of those who accepted the need for EDF to build a power station, I heard strongly the sentiments that the proposed campus location is not acceptable nor were the proposed solutions for the B1122. I agree with that. There were some new points raised which I will look into and I recognise that there are some residents who do not want the new power station at all. I would encourage everyone to respond to the formal consultation at http://sizewell.edfenergyconsultation.info

Turning to matters in Westminster. The Prime Minister set out her negotiating objectives for Brexit. She was clear that Brexit meant control of our immigration system, an end to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and ceasing our membership of the Single Market. She set out a vision to make Britain stronger and fairer – restoring national self-determination while becoming even more global. Whilst the vote last year was a vote to leave the EU, it was not a vote to leave Europe and she was clear that we want to continue to be reliable partners, willing allies and close friends with our European neighbours. Parliament has already voted the trigger Article 50 by the end of March, which will set off a period of negotiations. Whether you voted Leave or Remain it is time to unite to build a global Britain outside the EU."

09 JAN 2017

Coastal Scene Column - 6th January 2017

"Happy New Year!

A grey start to 2017 on the Suffolk coast but I expect the year will be full of colour whether it's the bright-eyed, tanned, white teeth beaming President Trump at his inauguration to the opportunities and challenges as we go ahead with Article 50, triggering our departure for the EU. There are also important elections coming up on the continent, with Angela Merkel up for re-election in Germany, France due to elect a new President to replace Francois Hollande and the Dutch are also due to go to the polls. The ongoing wars, interspersed with temporary ceasefires, and the terrorist attacks are deeply disturbing but we need to press on with our call for freedom and our generous, humanitarian approaches, largely supported by our overseas aid budget. We certainly live in interesting political times. While it is likely that Britain's withdrawal from the European Union will continue to dominate the headlines as the government embarks on the most complex task it has faced since the end of the Second World War, especially as we seek a deal that is bespoke to Britain, there is much else that continues to command our attention on a local and national level.

The second stage of the public consultation on Sizewell C is still open and closes on 3 February. We waited a long time for this stage of the consultation and it is vital that residents and business owners contribute so we maximise the opportunity to improve local infrastructure. Sizewell C will bring huge benefits to the Suffolk coast, in particular bringing high skilled, high paid jobs to our area, but there are legitimate concerns regarding increased traffic and other disruption during the construction phase. This disruption could potentially stretch to the A14 and all along the A12. If you haven't contributed yet, you can find out more about what is being proposed and give your feedback on http://sizewell.edfenergyconsultation.info.

As Environment Minister, I am looking forward to shortly publishing the framework of our 25 year environment plan and, in due course, the full plan itself. As the minister responsible for flood protection, I checked the flood information service twice daily and had my wellies at the ready but thankfully we had a rather dry Christmas season. In December 2013 it was rather a different story along our coast at Woodbridge, which was affected by a storm surge with water levels surpassing even the 1953 flood. I'm delighted that 3 years later and after a £1.2m investment, the new strengthened defences for the town will give precious piece of mind to local residents, ensuring that the effects of future flooding are greatly reduced. The new defences are part of the Environment Agency's excellent work across Suffolk and the UK.

May I wish all Coastal Scene readers peace and prosperity for 2017."

03 JAN 2017

Coastal Scene Column - 23rd December 2016

I have had a significant number of debates and appearances in Parliament recently on my broad portfolio– air quality, forestry, sales of ivory – while out of the chamber and committee rooms, a large amount of my time has been ensuring we are ready for winter. Last year's flooding resulted from unprecedented rain so I have been watching the weather reports very closely indeed and am hoping for a white rather than wet Christmas. That said, the country is definitely better prepared this winter than last. Not only have defences been repaired, in the last year, more than 55,000 homes are now better protected. That includes a new defence in Woodbridge which should better protect 400 homes. For those people not insured, I encourage you to be so. The new Flood Re scheme has been in operation for six months now with the aim of having affordable insurance for all home owners, effectively cross-subsidised by those at effectively no risk. This is a medium-term measure to allow home owners time to improve the resilience of their home but at least having insurance gives some comfort of mind in case the worst does happen.

Just as schools close for Christmas, after a very long term, not only do they have a break but we also have a chance to look at the primary school test results. There was a reset of the standards expected at primary level which has been assessed. As a county, Suffolk has started inching up the league tables to 123rd from 134th in 2014. This new curriculum raises expectations and works to ensure pupils become more accomplished readers and fluent in mathematical basics. This added rigour will help to better support pupils when leaving primary school for the demands that come with moving into secondary education. Locally, congratulations should go to Orford Primary School where 75% of pupils met the new benchmarks in reading, writing and maths, compared to a national average of 53% and a Suffolk average of 49%. Saxmundham Primary School, Aldeburgh Primary School and St Mary's Primary School in Woodbridge all performed particularly well too, far exceeding the national average. The Education Secretary issued a new funding formula for further consultation. This proposes a welcome though modest increase for Suffolk and I will scrutinise it carefully before responding.

With 11,000 miles of coastline to protect, UK Border Force rely on local intelligence to assist their law enforcement at sea. Since the start of 2016, there have been instances of illegal crossings and the smuggling of banned substances into the UK, including an illegal landing at Bawdsey. While maritime incidents are relatively low compared to other forms of transport, it is still a risk the government takes seriously. Those who live and work on the coast can report suspicious activity to assist Border Force by calling 101 and quoting 'Project Kraken' to the operator when doing so.

There is good news for EE customers looking to stay in touch with friends and family over Christmas. Site upgrades at Rendlesham, Pettistree, Saxmundham railway station and the ones east of Farnham and south of Yoxford will improve 4G coverage. I have encouraged the County Council to meet mobile network operators to proactively discuss suitable sites for extending coverage in the past so more people in rural areas can benefit from better mobile phone signal.

And finally, I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family here in Suffolk (weather permitting!) and would like to wish all Coastal Scene readers the very best for the festive season. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

12 DEC 2016

Coastal Scene Column - 9th December 2016

I have always taken an active interest in post offices along the Suffolk Coast. In our smallest villages, we have increasingly relied on some sub-postmasters who have been willing to provide an outreach service when owners of post offices have decided to stop or move on. Since 2010 the government has committed almost £2 billion to support this vital network and fund the transformation of stores. The services they provide to our rural areas in particular are the lifeblood of some villages and in the Conservative government's 2015 election manifesto we committed to securing the future of 3,000 rural post offices. The government now wants feedback from residents and businesses as to what their expectations are of the Post Office to inform the future funding and development of the network. This will have a particular focus on small, remote communities which means it is vital that Suffolk's voice is heard. You can respond to the consultation by visiting https://beisgovuk.citizenspace.com/ukgi/post-office-network-consultation or by calling 0207 215 4383.

Many Post Office services are embedded within local shops and these small businesses are equally important to our towns and villages. Last weekend I was out and about for Small Business Saturday, travelling from the very south of Suffolk Coastal in Felixstowe to the very north in Wrentham. There were Christmas fairs in Woodbridge, Leiston and elsewhere with some of the best of Suffolk on display. We are blessed with so many wonderful small businesses in our part of the world and it's important we support them all year round, but at this busy time of year I hope you'll join me in sending some trade their way during the festive season.

Business owners will be aware that their business rates will be changing from April in the first revaluation of commercial property since 2010. Current rates are based on rateable values from 2008 and next year's change will be based on 2015 valuations. This is not about raising revenue for the government, but a realignment of the basis on which businesses are charged. Three quarters of all business nationwide will see their rates either fall or stay the same, with several businesses benefitting in Woodbridge, Saxmundham and Leiston. However, businesses in Aldeburgh will see an increase in the amount of business rates they pay due to the sharp rise in the value of property in the town since the 2008 valuation. The government is doubling the threshold from which small businesses will be exempt from paying rates at all, as well as applying transitional relief for five years. There is also the option to appeal the change in rateable value if it is felt to be unfair. I am seeking a meeting with the Treasury Minister to press the case on how our independent business will be affected by these changes.

Finally, I enjoyed the carol singing at Fromus Square in Saxmundham last weekend in what was another highly successful Christmas event to build on what happened last year. The lantern procession, Christmas market, Santa's grotto and lights switch-on outside the Market Hall went down a treat and was the perfect way for the town to get into the Christmas spirit. Congratulations to the Businesses of Saxmundham committee, the church and the council for all the hard work that went on behind the scenes.

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