The Government is proposing to build a new nuclear power station at Sizewell. I am working hard to make sure that Suffolk Coastal reaps the benefits this opportunity will bring in terms of new high skilled jobs, education opportunities and infrastructure investment.

I sit on the Joint Local Authority Group (JLAG) and  the Sizewell Stakeholders Group (SSG). These are designed to make sure that local people's voices are taken into account when considering the construction phase of the project and the legacy it will bring.

I also chair the Suffolk Energy Coast Delivery Board which aims to maximise the economic benefits that new energy projects like Sizewell C will bring to the area.

20 NOV 2012

Sizewell C Consultation

The first stage of consultation for Sizewell C has now opened and will run until 6th February 2013. I urge you to have a look at the document and respond with your views here.

I believe the construction of Sizewell C will create thousands of jobs and will provide a massive boost the local economy. I met the County Council's lead officers on skills and education to press the importance of how we must ensure young people and existing workforce are equipped to take advantage of these opportunities. Suffolk Chamber of Commerce is already coordinating business efforts through its supplier microsite. However, with construction comes significant disruption including traffic and housing. Leiston residents have a key choice to make concerning whether the temporary housing could actually be developed into future housing. We need the best engineeering on the jetty to avoid coastal erosion. The rail loop and track may have legacy benefits. On roads, I know residents in the 4 villages will be disappointed that only a Farnham bend by-pass was proposed but this is early days in the marathon negotiation. I have particular concerns on the A12/B1122 turnoff and impact on the villages of Middleton Moor and Theberton. It is important that Suffolk residents benefit as much as possible from Sizewell C, including maximising improvements to infrastructure. So have your say.

Click to download EDF Sizewell C consultation

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