The Government is proposing to build a new nuclear power station at Sizewell. I am working hard to make sure that Suffolk Coastal reaps the benefits this opportunity will bring in terms of new high skilled jobs, education opportunities and infrastructure investment.

I sit on the Joint Local Authority Group (JLAG) and  the Sizewell Stakeholders Group (SSG). These are designed to make sure that local people's voices are taken into account when considering the construction phase of the project and the legacy it will bring.

I also chair the Suffolk Energy Coast Delivery Board which aims to maximise the economic benefits that new energy projects like Sizewell C will bring to the area.

15 JAN 2013

EDF 1ST Round Proposals

This is the text of a letter that Therese sent to constituents that gives her initial thoughts on most of the EDF proposals.

This consultation does not refer specifically to the creation of a nuclear power station or its safety. The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has given its approval to the design proposed by EDF and its supplier Areva. The ONR will grant a site licence and is responsible for assuring safety.


Sizewell B design is iconic. Sizewell C should be of a similar appearance with cosmetic changes as appropriate rather than changing fundamental design of the reactor.

Accommodation site(s)

EDF wants to build something like halls of residence or a group of Travelodge-style accommodation with on-site catering and sports facilities. It wants just 1 campus of 2-3000 bed spaces.

I oppose sites 1 and 2. Site 3 could be changed to bring the accommodation blocks closer to the main road. This would provide the infrastructure (water, gas, broadband, etc.) for new housing on that site in the future. Perhaps this site should be capped at a certain number of bed spaces and an additional accommodation site should be considered elsewhere in the district. The site close to the A12 in Saxmundham has been suggested.

Park and Ride / Lorry Management

North: We need more information but the only realistic site of these is Option 2. This will leave a legacy option next to the rail station. Option 1 on the B1122 is completely out of the question, due to the already constrained junction with the A12. Option 3 (by Little Chef) is too close to A144 junction.

South: In any event, no freight consolidation should be done there but at a site by Option 3 is too close to dangerous junction. The Wickham Market Option 1 could work but still has a lot of traffic going up the A12 with single carriageway. Most likely is Option 2 by Woodbridge. This would leave no legacy benefit as it is not appropriate to have mass building west of the A12. However, the pull on/pull off needs to be modified to prevent backups at the roundabout. The Seckford Hall roundabout should be improved with a filter lane to allow free flowing traffic.

Freight: I have concerns about all the sites. Congestion on the A14 and by Seven Hills is already a concern. With some modifications, Orwell East or West could work. I had thought the Orwell sites would be ruled out but they are the preference, so far, of the County and Emergency Services.


I think the blue route provides least technical issues and takes material straight into site.


None of the options for the A12 address the full issues. The 1 village bypass solves the Farnham bend at first sight but cuts right through local amenity land. Without any other option presented by EDF, the only credible alternative is a 4 villages bypass. EDF needs to present more data.

The impact on residents along the B1122 and at the turnoff of the A12 will be highly significant, compared to everyday traffic. I have long thought an alternative road is needed, though that sentiment is not universally shared. In any event, significant improvements to the road and pathways, perhaps combined with double glazing for all houses and speed limiters. The route from the Southern Park and Ride is not finalised and alternative routes could be considered rather than the B1122. On visiting the A12 turnoff, it was thought a double roundabout by Yoxford would be feasible without demolition of houses there. This particular issue needs considerably more work by EDF and the County Council.

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