The East of England has some of the worst ambulance response times in the country, especially in rural areas like large parts of Suffolk Coastal.

I have been leading the campaign to improve response times and get a better deal for patients. After much hard work the service has undergone a lot of positive change over the last few years and long ambulance delays are becoming increasingly rare. I will continue to press the case to make sure the service continues to improve.

13 OCT 2015

MPs Quiz New Chief Executive on Ambulance Turnaround Plan

Therese organised a meeting for Eastern MPs to hear from the new Chief Executive of the East of England AmbulanceService, Rob Morton, in Parliament today. He was joined by Chairman, Sarah Boulton and Director of Nursing and Clinical Quality, Sandy Brown.

The meeting is the latest in a series of updates on the Turnaround Plan to improve response times, put in place by Interim Chief Executive Anthony Marsh and the first opportunity for MPs to grill the new Chief Executive on progress made.

Therese said: "I am determined to continue to keep a laser like focus on the Ambulance Service to ensure the full turnaround plan is implemented. The service has gone through significant change in the last 18 months, recruiting more staff and investing in more double staffed ambulances."

Therese added: "There are still some issues with handover times at hospitals, including the Norfolk & Norwich but I am pleased that the new Chief Executive is engaging directly with the Chief Executives of those hospitals to address the issue. There is also a recognition that there is still a lot of work to do to improve staff morale which is being taken seriously."

"One of my main areas of focus is to ensure that patients suffering a stroke get to hospital within 60 minutes to maximise their ability to recover and I pressed the case with the Chief Executive. He has promised to send me more information on how they are performing."

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