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It has been my privilege to serve as Member of Parliament for Suffolk Coastal since 2010 and I'm delighted to have been re-elected in June 2017.

12 SEP 2018

Landmark Agriculture Bill to deliver a Green Brexit

New legislation to deliver a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations was introduced in Parliament today. The Agriculture Bill sets out how farmers will in future be paid for "public goods", such as better air and water quality, improved soil health, higher animal welfare standards, public access to the countryside and measures to reduce flooding. Therese said: "This will replace the current EU subsidy system of Direct Payments, which is ineffective and pays farmers based on the total amount of land farmed. In its place, a new Environmental Land Management system will start next year. "Importantly we will work together...

22 AUG 2018

Government Backs Ban on Puppy Farming

DEFRA has today announced a ban on third-party puppy and kitten sales in England. The ban will mean anyone looking to buy or adopt a puppy or kitten must either deal directly with the breeder or with one of the nation's many animal rehoming centres. Therese said: "This step follows a commitment by the Prime Minister to crack down on cruel puppy farms, bring an end to the grisly conditions found in puppy farming and tackle a range of existing animal welfare issues." More information can be found here

17 AUG 2018

Therese hits out at Barclays for Breaking their High Street Pledge

Therese has hit out at Barclays for breaking their pledge on keeping open High Street bank branches. Barclays have today confirmed that they will be closing their Halesworth branch at the end of November less than a year after confirming they had no plans for closure. Dr Coffey asked for assurances from Barclays in December 2017 about the future of their Halesworth, Southwold and Aldeburgh branches – all of which were the last bank standing in these market towns. Therese said: "This is an incredibly disappointing decision. Whilst I recognise many banking transactions are now done online Barclays own figures show that there are many...

16 AUG 2018

New Home Solar Panel Scheme

If you've been thinking about installing solar panels for your home, a new scheme will make the process easier for you. Solar Together Suffolk is a scheme backed by councils across Suffolk using the power of bulk-buying - where approved suppliers can offer you a discounted price as they receive a large number of orders. There is no obligation to buy and you will reduce your electricity bills and help Suffolk to become the Greenest County. Don't delay though, as you only have until 22 August 2018 to register your details - 

13 AUG 2018

Therese Speaks Out on Sex Offenders Being Housed in Hollesley

Therese has contacted the Prisons Minister outlining concerns from local residents after the Prison Service confirmed thatHollesley Bay is to be among several open prisons which will be used to accommodate sex offenders. In her letter to Rory Stewart, Therese asks what assessment has been made on the impact of the local community and whether previous absconding levels have been taken into consideration. Therese said: "I recognise that about 18% of all prisoners are in jail for sexual offences and as prisoners approach their release date they need to be fully prepared for life on the outside. Open Prisons are extremely important in helping...

08 AUG 2018

Therese Seeks Change to Friston Substation Plan

Therese met the Energy Minister, Claire Perry MP recently to convey residents' concerns on the Scottish Power Renewablesproposal for a substation near the village of Friston. She was joined at the meeting by Councillors Geoff Holdcroft and Andrew Reid as well as the Heads of Planning from both the District and County Councils. Therese said: "The proposed energy generation and transmission projects suggest that our small bit of Suffolk will be responsible for a quarter of the country's electricitysupply in the 2030s. In addition to Sizewell C, the cumulative impact of huge pieces of highly visible infrastructure, with no additional local...

06 AUG 2018

Parliamentary Pub of the Year

I'm sure the recent good weather has encouraged you to seek refreshment at your local pub. We have so many great pubs in Suffolk Coastal (over a hundred) – and as a dedicated constituency MP, I have visited every one. Someone has to do it! I would like your help as I have the chance to nominate one of our fantastic pubs for the Parliamentary Pub of the Year award – and would like to hear from you which one I should nominate and why. The main criteria for nomination is that the pub are great at what they do. Others include that they offer a great range of beers and food; have been nominated or won an industry award; that they help put...

17 JUL 2018

Therese Welcomes SouthGen to Parliament

Therese welcomed the SouthGen Community Group to Parliament last week to celebrate their hard work in obtaining theformer community hospital for the benefit of the local community, including for new affordable houses. Representatives of Hastoe Housing Association and NHS Property Services also attended the reception, who alongside the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership have worked together to make this achievement possible. Therese said: "The Save Our Southwold campaign engaged local residents and its continued work as SouthGen is a great example to other local groups around Suffolk and the rest of the country.

16 JUL 2018

Update on Felixstowe Academy

Therese had a very constructive meeting with Education Minister, Nick Gibb MP, in Parliament last week to further discuss the future leadership of Felixstowe Academy. This follows her recent petition signed by 2,599 people calling for the removal of the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET). Therese said: "The recent 'Inadequate' Ofsted report at AET sponsored Langer Primary has strengthened the case for why AET are not appropriate to be running either school." "I am confident we will get the change we are seeking, which is actively being considered by Department for Education officials. Whilst I said it would take time I hope to get some news...

06 JUL 2018

Therese welcomes Fisheries White Paper

Therese has welcomed the publication of the Government's White Paper on the future of Britain's fisheries policy. Today the Government has set out its plans to promote a more competitive, profitable and sustainable fishing industry across the whole of the UK, setting a gold standard for sustainable fishing around the world. Therese said: "One of the benefits of leaving the EU is having a fisheries policy that will boost our fishing industry. for the first time in 40 years access to UK waters will be under our control and for the benefit of British fishermen, especially the under 10 fishing fleet along the Suffolk coast. I am sure this...


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Fresh Leadership for Felixstowe Academy

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