I hold surgeries throughout the constituency for residents to discuss their issues or concerns. I will do my best to help constituents but I cannot usefully intervene in private disputes between neighbours, with an employer, with family matters, with companies who have sold you faulty goods and I am unable to interfere with decisions made by the courts. I will, if I am able, make representations on your behalf but these matters are usually best handled by a lawyer and / or the Citizen's Advice Bureau. I will also make representations to the Councils on constituents' behalf, involving your local councillor accordingly.

Forthcoming Surgery Dates in 2018:

Provisionally;  January 26th

     February 23rd

To make an appointment please call the Westminster Office on 0207 219 7164.



How to Book an Appointment

If you would like an appointment at any of the surgeries listed on the left, please telephone Kirsty Locke in the Westminster office on 0207 219 7164 or email therese.coffey.mp@parliament.uk

My surgeries are by appointment only and each appointment is for 15 minutes.  Some matters can be dealt with over the phone without the need for a surgery appointment, so it is usually best to phone the office first to see what we can do to help. The office will also advise what paperwork we need to facilitate your issue.